Castings Modèle - Mannequin

Model F for fashion and nude magazines in Europe & USA

Monaco, MC - Il y a 4 mois - Expire dans 2 mois - 5 candidatures - 113 vues

I'm regularly contributor of many different fashion and nude magazines in Europe and USA.

Are you interested in take part in one of my fashion and/or nude editorials in Monaco ?

I can just afford for travel (just Easyjet from the main capitals), local transports, stay, food this because unfortunately outstanding magazines don't pay.

Shooting date, according to the model : June-December 2020

At least one night stay required if you come from abroad.

Apply to the casting after reading attentively my FAQs, where I already answered to all possible questions ( and sending 'polaroids' (as written in my FAQs).

Je parle aussi Français e Italiano.

Localisation requise : Aucune

Expérience requise : Quelques expériences

Type d'offre : Temps partiel

Contrepartie : Photos + défraiement

PriscophotographerPriscophotographer - Paolo Prisco is an Italian fashion and beauty photographer.


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